Ecommerce revenue: keep striking!

It is quite difficult to take care of ecommerce revenue and keeping in on high standards all the time. A lot of variables are existing, therefore it is not possible to set a general strategy and pretending that everything will work.

How to behave then?

It is highly important, and strictly recommended, to dive inside advertisers metrics, check the most important and the less converting. Giving quality to numbers is a best practices that every good webmarketing agency is following.

ecommerce revenue target roas 1300%

As per image above, it is possible to give quality to numbers, diving in all the involved audiences, understanding how they are behaving on advertiser’s website and pushing on the most converting. Not all the audiences are converting, as well as not all the Google networks are converting, and Google Ads offers a wide range of actions in diving and optimizing.

In case of italian market, the proper use of Google networks and analysis of in-market segments and audiences is helping even more in understanding how to balance the spent and the advertiser budget. Such steps will be able to keep under control, and under increasement, ecomerce revenue.

How many times ads are going to mobile apps, rather than only useful mobile devices, for example? It is critical to understand how to avoid such users, and clicks, so to save budget to invest in the proper queries and users, avoiding unfoncortable bounce rate as well.

Is there any general or common rule?

There is not a general, common rule how to optimize Google campaigns, mainly focused on ecommerce revenue. It is critical, then, to set a proper digital strategy, understanding strength and weakness of the advertiser, and comparing with competitors.

Understanding the kind of business, if mass product or niche product for instance, and driving on it the strategy is the first best practice to avoid waste of budget.

Comparing own business with competitors is recommended in order to understand the point of strenght as well as what to improve in own strategy: users are changing ideas and approach pretty fast, therefore business strategy needs to always check it up, in order to keep ecommerce revenue under control.

Everyone wants to sell online, not everyone knows how to sell, this is why it is so important to keep an eye on the budget, focused on sales, Google networks and all Google targeting methods, and improve advertising mainly to the audiences that are already buying.

Correct use of Google networks, cold and branded traffic, will allow the business to keep sales high and find new ways to catch new potential customers.

Roas, to increase ecommerce revenue, is one of the critical parameters in such strategy, as it is showing what is really converting and what is leading to “curious” or cold users.

Also website responsivity and user friendship is a must have: cool website, high quality pictures, but extremely slow in browsing, no call to actions, no real products descriptions for example, will lead people to dive and bounce, as message inside is not so clear or too much complicated to understand. Therefore, for instance, a website uploading any page in more than 5 seconds will be a maybe cool website that will not lead a good ecommerce revenue.

Therefore is highly recommended to settle, as critical, the conditions of a great user experience, the most the user will stay on the website, diving inside the products, the highest may be the possibility the user will add products to cart and join the conversion funnel.

As mentioned above, there is not a common rule to improve sales and have a good ecommerce: it is highly recommended to be proficient in own business, share all possible information with the webagency and focus on user experience and user behaviour on the website, so to join the path of ecommerce revenue.

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