Ecommerce Roas: great at 1100%

How about real tips and tricks?

Is really possible to increase Ecommerce Roas up to 1100%? 

On internet there is full of hyperbolic results, magicians able to scale every possible business, ready with every possible tips and tricks, as follow Google Ads rule, or do exactly the contrary.

The real answer, to all these theories is: read carefully datas and build your own digital strategy in digital marketing: and be ready to change it on time. Your ecommerce roas will be under your control as much as possible.

As above, it was mentioned to read datas: it means dive inside the campaings, go in Analytics and try to understand users behavior. You will notice that not all the sections of the website are important and part of sales funnel, as well as not all the geographic datas, for instance.

It depends country by country, business by business, but it is not possible to sell the every product in the same way everywhere in the world. There are countries inwith the urban sprawl is significantly impacting business opportunities and sales, as there are few big cities, or metropolitan areas, in the full of the countryside. Such case will not give every business the same opportunity everywhere, as business needs are changing in few kilometers. Therefore you may face a lot ecommerce roas discrepancies.

As well as metropolitan areas power purchase and living attitude will be different from countryside areas, or low salary areas.

ecommerce google ads roas

Also demographics are strictly important: a country with high retirement rate will not welcome baby related items, as birth rate will be quite low, therefore market will be around saturation. Viceversa, growing economies can have good impact thanks to young population and new couples. On the other hand, young population has specific needs, differently from young couples.

What about Google strategies and smart bidding?

Many opinions are going on the net. The assumption of the the case study is that everything is flexible. Ecommerce is moving through revenue. Revenue is never costant, unless strategy is not adapting to market rumours.

The solution is to be ready to change, for example, from maximize conversion value to target ROAS, and viceversa. Depending on how many changes we can move into the google campaigns, strategy itself will need to check and learn new audiences, products and business approach. Moreover, sometimes is very useful to leave the same business strategy for weeks, so that it is sure that the audience and the users behaviors are settled, and not just a matter of case and period.

Google networks are affecting as well your performance. A good combination of search, display, shopping and youtube networks can give you a proper revenue. Campaigns can be multiple, therefore the business can improve just investing more in specific networks, so to really improve ecommerce roas. Search and Shopping networks are the most powerful and ready-to-use networks, that’s true.

YouTube network, if properly handled, is a great network to speed up ecommerce roas, as YouTube is the second most important, and most visited, search engine, all around the world. And this is the reason why it is necessary to join such network with proper digital strategy, as competition is very high, as well as users interest.

Costant working on all these factors will allow you to keep under control, and potentially increase, your ecommerce roas.

What about final suggestion?

Everything is a matter of crossing user’s behavior datas on Analytics with good knowledge of the population.

Segmenting all the social and behavioral datas will let the webmarketing agency fit the proper strategy for the needed businesses.

Understanding the market, segmenting locations and population, identify the technological attitude, may provide you good answers in order to not to invest money where nothing will ever arrive.

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