How to get great results in Google Merchant Center

How to get results from Feed in Google Merchant Center How to manage feed optimization in Google Merchant Center? Is it really so complicated? How to get better revenue from it? A feed is a file that is collecting all e-commerce products and their paramters. It is usually showing products ID, titles, descriptions, prices as […]

Google Ads local campaigns: increase your business shop

local campaigns on google ads by analytics4

Google Ads Local campaigns How useful are local campaigns on Google Ads actually? Are they actually bringing in real customers or is there a lot of spam? What is the best way to use them? Below is an analysis, more or less empirical, but based on personal experience, of how useful these campaigns can be […]

Ecommerce Roas: great at 1100%

Ecommerce Roas: great at 1100% How about real tips and tricks? Is really possible to increase Ecommerce Roas up to 1100%?  On internet there is full of hyperbolic results, magicians able to scale every possible business, ready with every possible tips and tricks, as follow Google Ads rule, or do exactly the contrary. The real […]

Lead Generation

Lead Generation Working with lead generation is far from being simple. In a world that moves more and more frequently on e-commerce, more and more companies think they have to sell online. Not all businesses are available to sell online. For many companies, lead generation is still the core business. For instance, a dentist, a […]

Ecommerce revenue: keep striking!

Ecommerce revenue: keep striking! It is quite difficult to take care of ecommerce revenue and keeping in on high standards all the time. A lot of variables are existing, therefore it is not possible to set a general strategy and pretending that everything will work. How to behave then? It is highly important, and strictly […]

Ecommerce revenue comparison YoY

Ecommerce revenue comparison: YoY Dealing with ecommerce, increasing revenue, and keep it increasing is a hard work: it needs costant knowledge and costant actions, both on website and on Google ads campaigns. Even more when an advertiser is selling in several coutries, so you have different users attitudes and users behaviour. How to deal with […]